Our Next Chapter In Local Discovery

Last fall, our team at Pixel Labs (Ripple News) joined with Hoodline, and together we set out to help people discover what’s really happening in the world around them.

We've been building a new way to make this a reality — a platform that lets people get neighborhood-level insights and relevant information, where and when it matters most to them.

To date, we’ve partnered with more than 200 publishers, including ABC, Advance Digital, Atlas Obscura, KQED, McClatchy, NBC, Vice, and dozens of neighborhood blogs. We also work closely with Yelp, TripAdvisor, and various private and public data sets to synthesize and organize local data, to create a local intelligence layer.

In our platform, which we call Atlas, we tag all media from our partners with exact location coordinates, along with 20+ other unique classifiers, across dozens of categories.

Take a GIF-guided tour of our platform, above.

We do this through a combination of machine learning and our own analysis, to figure out the most relevant articles, videos and local data for the cities we cover. This allows us to better contextualize relevant content and local insights for discovery.

Then, through our APIs we make it easy for any app or site to integrate with our platform and select exactly the kinds of information their users care about, in the right location, contextualized, and in real-time—allowing them to provide a feed of articles and videos in their products. We are in 22 major cities across the US now with the platform, and rapidly expanding.

Read the details here.

We’ve also been busy analyzing how cities work.

If you’re a reader of our local news site, you know we’ve been using more data analysis and visualizations in recent investigations into local business vacancy issues, transit fare inspection problems, neighborhood crime rates, and area cuisine trends.

*The map above, from our examination of retail trends in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood, shows you all the new businesses and new vacancies we found over the last two years. This helped shed new light on a big local problem.*

We’re producing these stories to make Hoodline, already an important source of neighborhood news to San Francisco, Oakland and the wider Bay Area, even better at street-level coverage. These stories are also tests for us on how to do more analysis in cities everywhere.

For those familiar with our past efforts, the Ripple News city app we tested last year is forming the core of the location-based technology to make this all work. We’re rebranding all these efforts under Hoodline.

In the coming months, whatever site or app you’re on, you’ll begin to see the most relevant articles from our syndication partners, as well as from our own editorial team — all denoted with the Powered by Hoodline icon:

We’re also excited to unveil our new 'h' logo. It depicts layers of information contained in the shapes you can see in any city.

As one company now, we’re building the ‘nearby’ button of the internet to power local discovery.

To give the platform/Atlas a whirl, please get in touch with us at partner@hoodline.com. If you're interested in our mission and the challenge of what we're building, please reach out at jobs@hoodline.com.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey.