Hoodline Is Now Covering Oakland

We’ve been covering street-level stories in San Francisco — today, we’re officially writing about them in Oakland as well.

Local news budget cuts have left only a heroic handful of publications and reporters standing to cover the local news (despite the city going through an especially intense time). So like in San Francisco, we’re going to be writing about the mix of business, cultural and civic happening in neighborhoods— stories that might go uncovered otherwise, that matter if you live or work near where they happen.

Initially, our coverage will focus on the core downtown and uptown business areas, along with nearby happenings in West Oakland, Temescal, Lake Merritt, as well as other neighborhoods and business corridors. We’ll be increasing our volume of stories and the geographic scope of our coverage from there.

You can find our daily articles about the city here, and of course on Twitter and Facebook.

Similar to our model in San Francisco, we rely on our community and especially our readers to find the best stories to cover:

  • Have an Oakland tip for us? email us @ tips@hoodline.com or text us at (510) 757-9959.
  • Want to write about Oakland with us? Follow this link and tell us more about your interests.
  • Interested in crunching the latest Oakland data around housing, transportation, and the local business economy? We're hiring.

This is our first Hoodline.com city beyond San Francisco, but we have lots more planned for 2017 — including a complete site redesign and more product launches in conjunction with our parent company, Pixel Labs. Thanks for being a part of the Hoodline community, stay tuned!