Get Local News Around The Place You're Going

We’re experimenting with a new way for you to find out about the world around you, whether you’re on a regular commute, visiting a friend in a different neighborhood, or traveling in a distant city.

You’ll now be able to see stories about the people and places near your Uber trip destination, from ourselves and dozens of other news organizations we've partnered with, plus relevant information from top local tech companies.

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Maybe you want to know why you’re stuck in a giant traffic jam? Or maybe you want to find a place to get a drink or dessert after you try out a new restaurant? Or finally learn the history behind that odd old building you always see out the window on the way to work?

Just log in to your Uber account at and we’ll show you information about local businesses, cultural happenings and breaking stories within a third of a mile of your destination.

In cities across the country, you’ll find relevant stories from national publications like The Atlantic’s CityLab and Vice. You’ll be able to watch videos from partner local TV news stations, and read metro-wide news from mainstays like the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in Atlanta. You’ll also get neighborhood news from publications like Corner Media and Viewing NYC in New York, and Mission Local and Bernalwood in San Francisco — and Hoodline’s own articles, of course.

In partnership with Yelp, we’ll will help you find new restaurant openings near your destination, the best place for a late night snack and places to grab a bite near home.

We’re launching in San Francisco and New York with the full nearby functionality today, and providing a simpler view of citywide news in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Toronto as we add more local context. Look for more to come.

Now, you can sign in here to try it out.

This is still a new product, and we’re going to be adding more partners, so get in touch at if you’re interested.

And a final note: like the neighborhood kits we launched earlier this year, this experiment is part of our larger plan to distribute local news and information across any local destination. And it’s one of the first big efforts to emerge from the combined company we created this summer out of Hoodline and Ripple News. Stay tuned for a lot more.