Hoodline Is Joining Ripple, With New Products And Expansion Planned

We have some big news. Hoodline is getting acquired by Ripple, a local news and information company that is helping people to learn more about the world around them.

For existing readers, this means that you’ll continue to get daily neighborhood news coverage as before. But look for new products, soon.

Ripple has already been experimenting with articles from readers, short-form videos, and partnerships with dozens of other media outlets large and small. Today it has a presence in more than a dozen cities around the world.

The team, also based in SF, will be helping us build new ways for readers to contribute their own stories, and more ways for our work to get distributed beyond on our own site.

After six years, starting with the Lower Haight blog Haighteration in 2010, through founding Hoodline in 2014, to the present, Andrew Dudley is going to be handing over the CEO job to Ripple founder Razmig Hovaghimian, while staying on as an advisor to the new company.

A mark of success in doing anything new is if your vision can become an organization and take on a life of its own. Andrew’s insight into the right blend of stories about each neighborhood, his use of city data, his recruitment of writers to help cover each neighborhood, his technical and business dexterity, all combined to help Hoodline become one of the more widely-read publications in the city. We are forever grateful for the hard work and vision that Andrew has contributed in guiding the company up to this point.

Today, we have a strong foundation on the tech side, a growing new business, and a groundbreaking news operation powered by dozens of writers across city neighborhoods. We’re very excited about the future of our local news coverage and the new plans in the works.