See Kits On Display at Inman Connect 2016

We are pleased to be invited to Inman’s Content and Cocktails for Indy Brokers Tech Crawl hosted by Climb Real Estate on August 4th. We're working with Climb to integrate the best of our neighborhood content into their neighborhood web pages—the next version of our neighborhood kits—showcasing local stories outside of one’s front door.

Hoodline readers have expressed appreciation for our in-depth interviews with local people and organizations, discoveries about history, art and culture, and info on the latest places to eat and other local happenings. In June, we launched our neighborhood kits, which embed local news stories, insights around properties and neighborhoods, and other curated content on a website to provide prospective homebuyers a fuller understanding of the world outside their (new) front door.

The positive response from Inman, Techcrunch, agents and brokerages let us know we were not only on the right track for San Francisco, but that there is demand within the real estate industry in other cities, as well.

We're excited to be releasing our customizable API Neighborhood Kit solution, which takes all the neighborhood kit content seen in our iframe, and allows agents and agencies to have their web developers choose and format the pieces they want to incorporate directly into their websites so that all content, photos, and articles look native to the page. These custom kits are updated as we and our local media partners publish new stories, ensuring the dynamic content we provide on our existing kits.

Here's Food & Nightlife in Hayes Valley via our turnkey Kit Embed:

And here's that same Food & Nightlife content integrated seamlessly into Climb's demo website with their own distinct style:

To pilot our custom API technology, we began working with Climb Real Estate (nominated for the Most Innovative Brokerage Award). Climb is known for being a tech-focused real estate firm, and we were thrilled for them to ask to be our first customer and help us develop our custom API, which will soon display on the main neighborhood pages for Climb Real Estate.

We'll be announcing our expansion plans in the near future, with both iframe and custom API solutions. Feel free to email to get added to the expansion notification list.

Please come and find us at Inman’s Content and Cocktails for Indy Brokers Tech Crawl event hosted by Climb Real Estate on August 4th at 5 p.m. at 251 Rhode Island St. in San Francisco.

Tickets availble on Eventbrite: