Meet Hoodline's Neighborhood Kits, Helping You Understand The World Around Your New Home

If you were planning to move somewhere new, you would traditionally start by checking rental or real estate sites to get a sense of what's available, property-wise, within your price range.

But that's just the beginning.

To be confident you'll love the world outside your front door, you would layer on the time-consuming task of researching your preferred new neighborhood(s). That could mean checking out lifestyle websites, area blogs, local news sources, foodie reviews, and lots of Google image and commuter map searches—all while soliciting word of mouth advice from people you hope are experts.

Even though the real estate industry has increasingly gone online, it seems harder than ever to get an unbiased and data-rich idea of what this major life decision could look like, beyond the square footage stats.

At Hoodline, we realized we could solve this challenge, as we have a unique, holistic, on-the-ground view into the daily changes and happenings of local communities.

We meet influential community leaders, report on new business openings, highlight local events, and delve into neighborhood history. We also look to the future, using our data mining technology to get the earliest scoop on permit zoning requests, construction proposals, and property ownership changes.

With all this data and local expertise, we've created what we’re calling Hoodline Neighborhood Kits: a comprehensive guide for prospective buyers that bundles relevant local information in a one-stop tool that lives on the websites of real estate agents, firms and listed properties.

Starting today, you can embed an iframe full of stories, pictures and insights about things like culture, nightlife, places to eat, things to do, history, and more onto your website. We've handpicked articles from our archive of nearly 10,000 neighborhood news stories, plus content from local partner newspapers and sites, to develop these curated lists.

Each Kit provides a deep look into the fabric that makes each place unique, helping viewers make a buying or renting decision without leaving the property website.

The content is dynamic, as the stories in the Kit are regularly refreshed from the dozens of stories published daily by Hoodline and our local partners. As such, anyone viewing a Kit will learn about the brand new restaurant opening up around the corner, the park renovations taking place, and where to find anything from groceries to a spud wrench.

But the Kits are just the start. At Hoodline, we intend to distribute relevant local content in additional customized and curated formats to more types of customers in the months ahead.

If you're interested in learning more, check out our product page or email us at

News organizations who want to be involved can reach us at

So far, our news partners include: Bernalwood, The New Fillmore, The Richmond District Blog, Mission Local, Ingleside-Excelsior Light, The Potrero View, SF Gate, Central City Extra and ABC7.

And a big thanks to our real estate pilot partners: Hill & Co, Alain Pinel Realtors, Urban Group, and the dozen or so top agents from McGuire, Pacific Union, Sotheby's, Coldwell Banker, Climb, Paragon and Barbagelata. And also thanks to our property website developer partners Ringtrail and Open Homes Photography.