You Can Now Read Full Hoodline Stories On Facebook

Are you, dear Hoodline reader, one of those people who likes or comments on our articles on Facebook, but doesn't click through to read the whole thing?

Especially when you're on your phone?

We now have a solution for you.

Today we're introducing full articles on mobile Facebook, via our implementation of a newish feature the site offers called Instant Articles.

When you see a Hoodline article in your news feed or on one of our Pages, that looks like this:

And when you click on it, you'll now see this:

Just scroll down and the whole article will be there.

Facebook has said that users are 70% less likely to close an Instant Article right away “because they’re not stuck waiting for it to load,” according to The Wall Street Journal. People are also opening these full articles 20% more often and sharing 30% more on average, the company said.

So, let us know what you think? Good, bad, neither? Other suggestions?

Thanks for reading Hoodline.