Hoodline Turns Two

Greetings from Hoodline HQ.

It's hard to believe two full years have passed since March 15th, 2014, when Hoodline made its public debut.

Since then, we've published more than 5,200 stories by more than 120 authors, and embiggened our coverage area from a mere three neighborhoods to nearly three dozen.

Today, we're launching this here company blog to give folks a glimpse inside the Hoodline machine. Expect regular updates from our product team, revealing profiles of our writers, new and noteworthy feature announcements, and occasional slice-of-life odds and ends. We'll also try to answer some of the many questions we get on a daily basis, like:

Who is Hoodline, anyway?

As of today, Hoodline is 4 co-founders, an engineer, a designer, a managing editor, a biz dev hero, a sales dynamo, three district editors, several neighborhood editors, and lots of freelance writers throughout SF. More info here.

Do you guys have an office?

Yep. We're located at 25 Taylor St., near 6th and Market. It's not huge, but it's home. And there are M&Ms (see above).

How do you pay your bills?

We're currently hard at work on some top-secret new revenue streams, but for now we are subsisting on some seed funding, and a little revenue from local advertisers.

Do you pay your writers?

Yep, all of 'em. The amount depends on the kind of story and the frequency of contribution. We're always looking for new writers, so if you're interested, please drop us a line.

How did this all get started?

It began with one neighborhood blog (Haighteration, in the Lower Haight) in 2010, which spun off two more neighborhood blogs (Hayeswire and Uppercasing) in 2012, and then snowballed into Hoodline in 2014. From there, Hoodline has rapidly spread throughout the city.

What's next?

The rest is still unwritten of course, but needless to say, we have big plans for the future. You should probably just go ahead and subscribe to our RSS feed right now, tbh.